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Shydog Records has a long history of finding and signing Artists/Writers and producers.

Our team is always looking for talent.

If you would like to be considered to become part of the ShyDog Family then send your info to:


Shydog Records can use our talented team to remix and or Master your single to create the best quality for your fans.


Shydog Records has a group of very talented Producers & Writers to help Assist our Artists.

Single Release:

Shydog Records distributes all singles Worldwide for downloads and streams. If a single is radio friendly, Shydog Records will drop a single to radio for consideration.

Recording Studios:

Shydog Records has recording studios all around the world for Artists to utilize.

Royalty Distribution:

Shydog Records collects all recording revenue and Distributes to its Artists. Songs are all registered with the Appropriate entities: Ascap, BMI, BDS, Nielson, Mediabase… etc.

Internet Promotions:

Shydog Records team pushes all of its Artists using the internet. Promotions are with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Others.

Join The ShyDog Family:

For consideration to join the ShyDog family send your name, artist name, City/State/Country, website, Facebook Page, Instagram and twitter username to: